Part Four: Simple Ways to Empower Your Children and Family in Healthy Eating


Here we go!  Several more tips in helping your children and family eat well:

#3 Get your kids into the kitchen to prepare food with you. Even just once a week will give them a hands-on experience with food and will empower them in making decisions about the food they are eating. They will also learn valuable lessons in how to prepare food and in recognizing different fruits, veggies and spices that they will take with them as they get older. As children become involved with the food on their plate, they can begin to take ownership and feel empowered in making decisions on their own. They may try things they never would have tried before simply because they made it with their own hands and are excited about serving it to the family. Ask them what they’d like to prepare, and get them fully involved in the decision making about food. Have them look up recipes they like and let them combine foods you may never have thought of combining. My kids in school have always loved making a recipe book of their own to take home! Ask what they think you should cook together for dinner/lunch (this is a great chance to talk about how to eat ” eat the rainbow” as well).

#4 Get your children involved in the grocery shopping. If they want a sugary processed food, take a look at the ingredients together before you say “no” too quickly. Make it a fun challenge to buy as many healthy options as you can and put them in charge of the challenge. Let them be a part of decision-making process so they will be equipped in making these decisions when you’re not there. Empower them to make smart choices and allow them to think critically about these choices. As you make decisions together, do your best to compromise and stay away from “all or nothing” thinking when it comes to healthy foods. Even involvement in making grocery food list can help kids get involved and have a say in their own health.

Let’s EMPOWER our children and equip them to eat well and succeed!


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