Easy Homemade “Reese’s Cups”

Making homemade Reese cups allows me to eat an unprocessed, real food version of one of my favorite candies. I love making homemade versions of desserts that do not contain chemicals, preservatives and the like, because our bodies recognize this as whole food and can process it effectively. Chemical calories are harmful for our bodies and do not provide nourishment to our cells. Nourishment is the key word here! We want to provide our bodies with healing foods instead of harmful foods. This recipe allows you to (easily) satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming additives that your body cannot recognize.

Below is the recipe for Homemade Reese Cups. It takes just 10 minutes to put together and 30 minutes sitting in the freezer. It is dairy free and soy free (among others things!).


Homemade Reese Cups Recipe

First, I use this (very easy) recipe from the blog “My Whole Food life” to make an easy 3 ingredient homemade chocolate– don’t worry about letting this harden, leave it melted.



  • In a small bowl, whisk all ingredients well. Make sure there are no lumps. It should only take a minute.

{Alternatively, you could buy dark chocolate from the store– go for the least amount of ingredients as you can—and melt that down in a double boiler or fondue pot with a bit of milk. Or, you can put the chocolate and milk in a bowl and place the bowl on top of a hot pot on the stove to melt the chocolate, stirring as you go.}

If you have a mini muffin tin, use that. If not, feel free to use a regular sized muffin tin (but only fill the tins halfway). Place muffin tin liners in each spot. Take the melted chocolate and put a small spoonful into each liner (should be about 1/4 full or mini muffin tins and 1/8 for regular sized).

Then, take a small scoop of peanut butter, almond butter, pumpkin puree, mashed banana, or whatever creative ingredients you come up with and place on top of the chocolate. If you want these to look even more like Reese’s Cups, you can first place this in the freezer for 5 minutes to let the bottom chocolate harden before adding a filling.

Pour more chocolate over the filling until it is covered over. Sprinkle with a bit of sea salt. Stick in the freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy! If you make your own chocolate, it will melt more easily so keep that in mind as you serve these (don’t leave them sitting out on the counter on a hot day!).

Part 1: Simple Ways to Empower Your Children (and family!) in Healthy Eating

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YIKES! It can be difficult to lead your kids toward making healthy choices with food, especially as they get older. Let’s be honest, the food companies are fantastic at marketing and are incredibly difficult to fight back against. The tricky thing is, they are highly influential when it comes to adults as well. So, how can we change that? Where do we start? How can we equip our kids to handle the confusing world of food and health? How can we learn together?

We must begin the conversation today and make this a priority. Warning: This will not be easy (at first) and will not happen overnight. Any change takes time and of course the older the child is, the more difficult this becomes. However, I believe that you can start this process by talking about healthily choices with your kids and allowing an open dialogue with space for change. When it comes down to it, our health is precious and the importance of this conversation with your children cannot be overlooked. It will require lots of persistence, patience and a whole bunch grace.

Our aim is to empower, engage, and create an continuous conversation together with our children about healthy habits. Over the next several blog posts I will be exploring this topic with you while looking at ways to get you started.


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Culture of Wellness is a community where we learn to eat well, pray honestly, exercise regularly, think clearly and care deliberately.

Culture of Wellness aims to educate, motivate and empower you to thrive gracefully in mind, body and soul. Our focus is on cultivating inner wellness that will lead to outward wholeness for ourselves, for others and for our world. Culture of Wellness is about developing the healthy habits of prayer, exercise, and nutrition in order to have satisfying relationships with ourselves, with God, with others and with our environment.