Honest Prayer

In Pray Honestly we will explore how prayer can benefit our spiritual, emotional and physical health, as well as other people and the world around us.

We want to have honest prayer because it is good for our health, it is what God wants, and it is what we desire. When someone says you can be honest with me, and you know there will be no adverse response, don’t you sigh with relief and think at last?

The community of Culture of Wellness is also a safe place to be honest with each other about our difficulties with prayer. There will be no criticism or judgment, only affirmation and encouragement.


I used to approach prayer like putting on my Sunday best.

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When I was a child, (I’m the cutie in the middle) I remember having to put on a dress or a skirt to attend church. No pants or trousers were acceptable for a girl. So, I thought I had to “dress up” my prayers in the same way and make formal, polite conversation with God.

God, I thought, respects respectable prayers.

Yet, God doesn’t care much for pretentious prayer.

God prefers honest prayer.

I don’t think most of us intend to be insincere when we pray. We mean well. We just haven’t understood God wants us to talk to him openly.

Max Lucado writes: Prayer really is simple. Resist the urge to complicate it. Don’t take pride in well-crafted prayers. Don’t apologize for incoherent prayers. No games. No cover-ups. Just be honest—honest to God.

Honest prayer is unsophisticated, plain speaking the thoughts of our minds.

Honest prayer brings the deepest secrets of our hearts to God.

Yet, often our thoughts are ugly, our language is far from clean, and our deepest secrets are disgusting, even to ourselves.

Honest prayer does not faze God because God knows everything about us.

You don’t need to cover-up when you talk to God

Thank goodness then, we are told to pray in secret.

What will your prayer look like today?